The Conservatory of Music “Francesco Morlacchi” in Perugia is the only Public Institution of Higher Musical Artistic Education in Umbria with the purpose of higher education, specialization, research and musical production. Founded over two hundred years ago as a Musical Institute, and erected in the Conservatory of Music with Law no. 111/1974, has definitively acquired, with Law no. 508/1999, the status of a university-level institution.

It is among the most vital and proactive Italian Conservatories, both for the prestige of the teaching staff and for the quality, quantity and continuity of artistic production. It counts on the professionalism of 102 tenured teachers and about 600 students enrolled in institutional courses; these Institutional courses release three-year (First phase – Bachelor degree) and two-year (Second phase-Master degree) Academic Diplomas. There is also an official preparatory course of study, which takes care of the training of younger students for subsequent access to institutional courses.

The teaching subjects include courses for all instruments. There is also the Department of Jazz Music and New Music Technologies equipped with a laboratory of excellence and technologically advanced.

Instrumental practice is flanked by theoretical and ensemble subjects, such as musical theory, harmony, history of music, ensemble and chamber music, symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, choir, the Chorus of youth and youth voices. Finally, the educational offer is enriched by the possibility of following single courses, which can be accessed after an admission exam, and free courses, free from traditional and institutional paths, open to everyone without age limits, which can be accessed with a simple aptitude interview.

The entire teaching and musical production activity of the Conservatory is fully documented on the website

Since November 2019 the Director of the Conservatory is M° Luigi Ciuffa.

Since August 2021, the President of the Conservatory is Prof.ssa Avv. Stefania Stefanelli

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