General information for Incoming Students

Application Deadline

Deadline for I semester of the Academic year (November the 1st – February the 28th): June the 1st

Deadline for II semester of the Academic year (February the 1st – June the 30th): October the 31st

How to send the application

You can send your application (with all needed documents in pdf-attachment and the link in the text) to
Your application must first be officially nominated. The exchange coordinator at your home University must confirm your nomination by e-mail:

Application Procedures

Erasmus student the OLA (Online Learning Agreement) is required to be completed through the official OLA website:

  2. Motivation Letter in English or Italian explaining why the student wants to study at our Conservatory
  3. EU CV in English or Italian
  4. Recording (audio or video) with a declaration certifying its authenticity or portofolio of compositions for composers or a detailed report explaining past research work and a project for students in Musicology or a pedagogical project and a transcript of records for Music Education students.

Applications are processed as soon as possible.

The result of the assessment is sent directly to the International Coordinator at the applicant’s home Institution.

Academic year

The Conservatorio di Musica “Francesco Morlacchi” di Perugia adopts the following organization of the Academic Year:

  • Winter Semester: 3rd November – 28th February
  • Spring Semester: 1st March – 15th July

Study plans

All information about the Conservatorio, the staff, the lessons and the courses are listed in the website.

Study plans for “Triennio ordinamentale di 1° livello” EQF 6 – 1st cycle (equivalent to a Bachelor Degree) are listed at the following LINK (click here) >>>

Study plans for “Biennio di 2° livello” EQF 7 – 2nd cycle (equivalent to a Master Degree) are listed at the following LINK (click here) >>>


All lessons and courses are given in Italian. You must have at least an appropriate knowledge of the Italian language: the recommended language level is B1. 

Address for applications

Conservatorio di Musica Francesco Morlacchi
P.zza Mariotti, 2 – 06123 Perugia, Italy

Erasmus Code: I Perugia 03

Erasmus Coordinator: Prof. Giovanni Scapecchi

ERASMUS Student Network – Perugia

Starting October 2008, the Association Perugia Erasmus Project becomes part of the European network ESN – Erasmus Student Network adopting the name ESN PEP Perugia (to everybody simply known as ESN Perugia) and thus widening the reach and importance of its own initiatives. The reasons behind the entry in this network reside in the shared belief of ESN, “students helping students” and the constant effort to improve the offers for the incoming students, thanks to the knowledge and means made available by the biggest network in Europe. Going into detail about the activities of the Umbrian section, these are divided in four macro areas: welcoming, accommodation, integration and outgoing support.

Our incoming students can take advantage of all the services offered by ESN Perugia, by simply subscribing the ESN Card. More info at







More info at

Click here to get information about VISA. Click here to get more information.

Click here to get information about Health and Insurance. Click here to get more information.

Online Learning Agreement (OLA) – students’ platform

The Online Learning Agreement (OLA) platform offers a simple and convenient way for students to complete their Learning Agreement online, have it signed, receive comments from sending and receiving institutions, as well as have an overview of the final version of the OLA. It is available to students for free in the framework of mobilities between Erasmus Charter Holders.


The Erasmus+ App

The Erasmus+ App is a tool for Erasmus+ students and offers different services to support students throughout the mobility process. One of the features of the Erasmus+ App allows students to easily monitor the status of their LA created and managed through the Online Learning Agreement. Furthermore, the Erasmus+ App can display specific information about the students’ home and host institutions, provided by the institutions themselves through the Erasmus Dashboard. Lastly, the Erasmus+ App enables HEIs to send push notifications to their exchange students, acting as a modern communication tool. The Erasmus+ App has been downloaded almost 50,000 times and offers a one-stop-shop for students, freely available on Google Play and Apple store.